Tuesday, March 23, 2010

my logo

My Personal Logo
My personal logo has six symbols : a nature scene, a view of the sea , a mountain, a museum, one palace , and a the name of the king of food. First the nature image represents something important to me and for all the people because we need it. Next the sea view represents a wonderful sight that we can take advantage of to see and to relax our mind. The third represents a place where we can walk or take our vacation with our families or alone. The fourth represents one place we can describe and learn a history of a long time ago about culture, some experiences , discoveries and inventions; in review, a place to perfect your intellectual formation. The fifth represents a palace of my country which has been destroyed. The last, “diao,” represents a king of food from Brazil because I love that country. In conclusion, the six images in my logo represent who I am.

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